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Don't Set Your Car On Fire- Hire Us To Clean It!

Wait, you only offer one Interior Detail service?

Here at SpeeDetail, we believe your interior is either clean or it isn't.


We understand that each person and each car is different. If you'd like us to pay more attention to one area, or less attention to another, we can do that.

Everything we do is based on your needs and expectations.

We do prefer to do an in-person vehicle inspection before offering pricing on our services. However, we can usually get a good idea of needs and pricing with pictures sent by email or text message. Please note the Starting Price below.

Vehicles with excessive dirt, stains, or pet hair will naturally take longer and cost more to get the results you've come to expect.

*Stain removal from seats and/or carpet not included in price. Quote can be given upon inspection.



Meticulous steam cleaning of all interior areas including the trunk, vents, between seats and underneath floor mats. A UV-blocking conditioner is applied to prevent fading and cracking caused by the sun.



Your fast, detailed quote is waiting.
Please Note: Some services or vehicles may require an in-person inspection before pricing can be discussed.



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